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Ifa Initiation

Spiritual Elevation

Itefa is a transformative and deeply spiritual ceremony that marks the initiation of an individual into the priesthood of Ifa, symbolizing their commitment to serving their community with wisdom and spiritual insight.

Spiritual Elevation
Itefa marks the spiritual elevation and deeper commitment of an individual to the Ifa spiritual system.
Connection to Orunmila
The ceremony establishes a profound connection with Orunmila, the Orisha of wisdom, knowledge, and divination.
Community Role
Initiates are recognized as spiritual leaders and are expected to serve their community with wisdom and insight.
Rituals and Ceremonies
The itefa ceremony involves a series of elaborate rituals, including offerings, prayers, and symbolic actions performed under the guidance of an experienced Babalawo.
Sacred Space
The ceremony is conducted in a sacred space, typically at the Babalawo’s home or temple, and is attended by family, friends, and other community members.
Divination plays a central role in the initiation process, guiding the initiate on their spiritual path and providing insight into their destiny.